Yellow Butterfly Popcorn (Popped)

Yellow Butterfly Popcorn

Yellow Butterfly popcorn is a deep orange and yellow color and originate from IL, IN, OH, and PA.  These kernels are very large and when popped display large winged shaped flakes that are yellow and white.  This yellow butterfly popcorn is our best seller and is bred specifically for snack food manufacturers, gourmet popcorn shops, and grocery businesses.  Yellow Butterfly Popcorn is very versatile and can be used in processes that have light coatings of sugar, cheese, or herbs and spices.

Kernels Size:  Large/Xlarge; 55-65 Kernels per 10 grams
Expansion: 42-44 cc per 250 grams
Color:  Golden Orange and Yellow
Flake Color: Yellow and White
Smell:  Sweet

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