White Butterfly Popcorn (Popped)

White Butterfly Popcorn

White Butterfly originate from farms in IL, IN, OH, and PA. This popcorn is a large kernel and has a sweet smell to it. When popped, HI-Pop White Butterfly Popcorn has large white winged shaped flakes that can be used for commercial manufacturers, stadiums, distributors, and concessionaires. White popcorn is very tender and has less hulls than other hybrids. Perfect for light coatings like sugar, herbs, or cheese. White Butterfly Popcorn has many uses and is a favorite for popcorn connoisseurs

Kernels Size: Large, 68-74 Kernels per 10 grams
Expansion: 42-44 cc per 250 grams
Color: White
Flake Color: Bright White
Smell: Sweet

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