Mushroom Popcorn (Popped)

Organic Mushroom Popcorn

Organic Mushroom Popcorn is a very large kernel that is grown in Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois, and Ohio and processed in Pennsylvania in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program. Reist Popcorn Company is a proud member of Global Organic Alliance. GOA is a 3rd party firm that ensures that Reist Popcorn Company is within USDA National Organic Program compliance by overseeing all the cleaning steps through out the process. The organic mushroom popcorn kernels are usually in the 40-50 kernels per 10 gram range. Our precision sizing equipment ensures that we are using the largest kernels for the largest pop. Organic mushroom popcorn kernels have a very thick outer shell, which allows them to pop in a unique way. Organic mushroom popcorn kernels are a deep yellow color and are used in many different operations. Customers love the fact that these organic mushroom popcorn kernels pop into large round ball shapes, which make them perfect for applying coatings of sugar, cheese, caramel, and chocolate. Organic mushroom popcorn kernels can be found in large commercial manufacturing facilities, at theme park concessions, and can also be distributed to various other commercial popping applications. Expansion levels on organic mushroom popcorn range between 32cc to 36cc per 250 gram sample.

Consumers often comment that they love the sweet and salty flavor of ready-to-eat organic mushroom popcorn. It truly is addictive! 

Packaging options for organic mushroom are
available in 50 lb bags, 2100lb supersacks, or bulk pneumatic delivery. 

Kernels Size: XLarge; 49 – 55 Kernels per 10 grams
Expansion: 30-34 cc per 250 grams
Color: Orange and Yellow
Flake Color: Yellow and White
Smell: Robust and Sweet

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