Organic Popcorn Storage
Reist Popcorn Company has been successfully supplying bulk organic popcorn for many years, and the demand for it continues to increase. We produce, handle, and label our products with very strict care and compliance from the USDA and the National Organic Program Standards. Reist Popcorn Company has both a Food Safety Certification and a NOP Certification for our bulk organic popcorn. Both of these certifications are issued each year after thorough 3rd party audits with AIB and Global Organic Alliance. This ensures that an excellent quality popping corn with preserved organic integrity, safely reaches consumers. Reist Popcorn Company continues to seek great relationships with family farming operations to make this happen for our customers. We have asked our customers and growers, Why Organic? Their top responses are below:
  1. Organic Popcorn is a healthy, natural, and safe Non-GMO snack food.
  2. Organic Popcorn has no exposure to synthetic commercial pesticides.
  3. Organic Popcorn farming practices keep our water supply and air clean.
  4. Organic Popcorn farming helps protect animals from synthetic pesticide exposure.
  5. Organic Popcorn farming practices, help prevent topsoil erosion and maintain nutrient dense soils.
  6. Organic Popcorn farming helps reduce fossil fuel usage.
  7. Organic Popcorn farming helps support small family farms be successful.
  8. As organic food production increases, the costs will become more affordable.
  9. Organic farming helps keep farmers healthy by reducing their exposure to synthetic chemicals.
If you’re interested in more information about our bulk organic popcorn offerings, please contact us.