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Alvin Reist

Henry And DaveReist Popcorn Company
has always believed that the best way to run a business dedicated to quality and service is by starting small and growing steadily. Founded in 1925 by Alvin Reist, the business started on the family-owned Lancaster County farm. Within a few short years, the business moved in the town of Mount Joy to its present location. Over the years, there have been many additions, remodels and equipment updates, evolving to the present state-of-the-art facility that it is today.

In 1964, Henry Reist took the reigns from his father, continuing Alvin’s values of foresight, hard work, and perseverance. Henry’s vision and leadership proved beneficial to the company, as it continued to grow steadily. He supervised many updates and pioneered many innovations during his 40 years. He was well known for his honesty and integrity, one of Reists’ popcorn growers even commented that he would gladly allow Henry to “manage his checkbook.”

Reist Popcorn is currently led by third-generation Reist family member Dave, and his son-in-law, Mike. Together they share an enthusiastic vision for the future of their family-owned business.

To continue the growth of this long-standing company, they have recently added a new service: Transloading. This positions them to serve as the gateway to the East Coast, while they continue the main mission of Reist Popcorn, providing premium popcorn to the snack food industry.

Transloading services continue to grow, with multiple new customers and more organic products.  Future expansions to the East of the transloading terminal are now an option for their operation.

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