The Process

The Process

1) Selection of hybrids
– All Popcorn Hybrids are Non-GMO and are chosen for eating qualities and popping expansion.

2) Selection of growers – Growers are chosen for their use of the most up-to-date planting and harvesting equipment as well as their insistence on practicing the most agronomic techniques.

3) Harvest at the optimum time – Harvest begins only after the popcorn crop is dried to the optimum moisture. With machinery carefully adjusted, growers bring in the matured crop.

4) Drying with careful monitoring – Kernel moisture is extremely important in achieving maximum popping expansion. This is accomplished in large steel bins with forced air. The process is monitored daily.

5) Machinery – Popcorn is conveyed to the machine where it is separated.

  • Precision sizing air-screen separator – kernels are sized by a series of screens. High volume air removes fines and splits.
  • Gravity separator – Kernels which are full size but not having full integrity of test weight are removed.
  • Optical scanner – Each kernel passes a highly sensitive set of optics, which detects any discoloration. Discolored kernels are imperfect and are separated from the grain stream by a blast of air.
  • Magnet – Grain stream flows over magnets to remove any ferrous material.

6) Testing – Samples are taken to check moisture, popping expansion, and kernel size.

7) Food Safety Certification – Reist Popcorn Company operates and maintains a 3rd party certification that is audited annually by AIB. This certification ensures that the facility is compliant with the latest Good Manufacturing Practices of the food industry.